?Acre Of Land On The Moon

LUNAR LAND company is the world’s most recognized Celestial Real Estate Agency and has been selling land on the Moon for decades. Lunar Land is one of THE FIRST companies in the world to file for a legal TRADEMARK and COPYRIGHT for the sale of extraterrestrial property within the confines of our solar system.

Give the gift that is loved by over 250 well known celebrities, more than 30 past and present members of NASA, 2 former US Presidents and millions of everyday people from around the world. What could be a greater gift than giving someone an acre of the Moon? Many fortune 500 corporations such as the Marriott have purchased thousands of acres of Lunar Land for investment purposes. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to get your very own piece of land on the moon today!


Premium Gift Package Includes:


The Moon Premium Gift Package includes:

Moon Deed: Legal document listing the location of the purchased 1 Acre Moon property by quadrant, lot number, latitude and longitude.

Custom Printing of Owner’s Name: We custom print the name of the new Moon land owner on the Lunar Deed. Simply input the name to be printed on your personalized gift package during the checkout process.

Moon Map: Marks the exact location of the purchased Moon property by quadrant, lot number, latitude and longitude.

Our Pledge: Single page outlining the broad functions and basic structure of the International Association Of Human Planetary Exploration (IAOHPE).

Custom Packaging: All Moon documents are packaged in an attractive, futuristic envelope designed to enhance the experience of gift giving.

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