Lion Mane for Cats

Turn your brave-hearted kitty into the king of the jungle with this lion mane costume that will make him look as majestic as he feels.


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Gangsta Rap Coloring Book

An automatic weapon, a set of crayons, and this coloring book, what more could a child ask for?


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How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting t...

When your cat brings you a dead animal, this isn't a gift. It's a warning…


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Beautiful Poetry of Donald Trump

What if there’s a hidden dimension to Donald Trump; a sensitive, mysterious poetic side? Driven by this question, Rob Sears began combing Trump’s words for signs of poetry and what he found was a revelation…


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Crawling Insect Sandwich Bag

Ensure your coworkers keep their grubby hands off your ham and cheese by placing your sandwich in this creepy crawly plastic bag. The reusable baggie comes with an insect graphic printed on it making it look like your sandwich is infested w...


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World's Smallest Operation Game

Not finding life stressful enough these days? Enter the World's Smallest Operation game which shrinks the already nerve racking original down to a miniature 2.75" x 0.625" x 1.75". Just perfect...


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Carrying a bag of poop is embarrassing - especially when it's not your own. Watch your dog's poop go up into the heavens in a beautiful, enchanting, and satisfying experience for both you and your dog to experience.


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How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack

There’s a new threat in town—and it’s only twelve inches tall...


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Dogs Pooping In Beautiful Places

Still searching for that perfect gift? Well, look no further because the 2022 Dogs Pooping in Beautiful Places calendar is out! It’s hilarious, shocking, and functional – what more could you ask for?


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