Gifts by Occasion

Snoop on a Stoop

In years gone by, getting lit at Christmas was sneaking a sly puff of one of Dad's cigars. These ...


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Baltic Amber Fossil with In...

These beautiful Baltic amber specimens are imported directly from Lithuania. Each one of these a...


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Pure White Hell Jigsaw Puzzle

Not finding life stressful enough these days? Enter Pure White Hell, the World’s most nerve racki...


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Cousin Eddie's RV

Sh*tter’s full! Hand crafted in ceramic with a built-in battery pack which illuminates the inter...


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Haunted Road Atlas

Pack up your Ouija board and Holy water filled squirt guns ... we’re going on a road trip! Jam-pa...


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Lion Mane for Cats

Turn your brave-hearted kitty into the king of the jungle with this lion mane costume that will m...


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Pumpkin Pie KIT KAT

Take a break from the same old Halloween candy and try these limited edition KIT KAT Halloween Mi...


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World's Hottest Chocolate Bar

Imagine eating a jalapeno… now imagine eating 900 of them at once. That’s a close approximation t...


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Miracle Melting Witch

Sculpt an evil witch this Halloween and watch her slowly turn into a puddle of herself as time pa...


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