Baltic Amber Fossil with In...

These beautiful Baltic amber specimens are imported directly from Lithuania. Each one of these a...


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Inkless Pen

Introducing the Beta, an anodized aluminum scrawling instrument that contains no ink and never ne...


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Premium Elon Musk Poster

There’s no debating that Elon Musk is one of the most captivating CEOs in history. Printed in ult...


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Real Invisibility Cloak

Quantum Stealth is a patent-pending material that renders the target completely invisible by bend...


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Home Planetarium Star Proje...

This amazing home planetarium gives you unbridled access to every star in the solar system from t...


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Historical Tesla Patent Prints

Put a smile on your favorite Tesla fans face by gifting them this set of 6 historical one of a ki...


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Historical Space Patent Prints

Put a smile on your favorite astronomers face by gifting them this set of 4 historical one of a k...


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The Worlds Lightest Solid

Developed by NASA, AeroGel is the world’s lightest solid matter, a truly one-of-a-kind substance....


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Schrodinger's Cat in a Box

Schrödinger's Cat is one of the World's most famous thought experiments. The fascinating question...


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