Picnic Table Squirrel Feeder

This hilarious squirrel feeder is shaped just like a mini picnic table, and features an umbrella to give them a bit of shade while they dine. The perfect gift for your fluffy-tailed backyard friends.


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World’s First HDR10+ Projector

Samsung’s ultra-short throw laser projector will make your living room the hottest movie spot in town. This cutting edge projector comes with a built-in Dolby Atmos-compatible sound system and will project a visually captivating 150-inch 8K...


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The World’s First Carbon Negative Coffee

So how is this possible you might ask? It’s simple really, you drink coffee - they plant trees. It takes 4 lbs. of CO2 to produce and distribute 1 lb. of this coffee and for every pound that’s sold, Tiny Footprint Coffee will donate a porti...


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AMD Ryzen 7 Mini PC

New for 2023, this amazingly powerful and tiny computer features the blazing fast AMD Ryzen 7 3750H CPU which runs up to 4Ghz with 4C/8T, and 4MB cache.


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Snoop on a Stoop

In years gone by, getting lit at Christmas was sneaking a sly puff of one of Dad's cigars. These days, the only way to be down with the kids is to get lit. But we're not talking about mainlining eggnog - we mean, get really lit with this Sn...


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HondaJet Elite II

Introducing the HondaJet Elite II, Honda’s new standard in range, fuel efficiency, performance, comfort and technology. With an expanded range of 1,547nm, increased fuel capacity, and gross weight increase, users will enjoy greater mission ...


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Fun with Mold Play Set

Who didn't love playing with mold as a kid? Recreate that classic pastime with this adorable play set. It even comes with a Certificate of Authenticity!


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Baltic Amber Fossil with Insect Inside

These beautiful Baltic amber specimens are imported directly from Lithuania. Each one of these amazing “living fossils” includes a certificate of authenticity.


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Nreal Air AR Glasses

Nreal Air AR glasses offer insane cinema-grade visual experiences with a 130" Full HD display. Incredible augmented reality anywhere, anytime.


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